Travel with Purpose

At Vegan Odyssey, we combine our love for animals, passion for travel and experience in the industry to create hassle free, one-of-a-kind travel itineraries for vegans and vegan-friendly travelers.

We are proud of our selected group of vegan suppliers and partners, and firmly believe that together, we can make significant impact on the growth of veganism in the destinations we operate.

Thank you for being part of this.

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Vegan Tours and Travel

Experience Vegan Travel

Unique travel experiences that showcase the best of each destination, while taking care of the needs and interest of vegans and vegan-friendly travelers.

Travel with purpose

By traveling with us, you are helping all our vegan suppliers get stronger and more popular. This has a tremendous impact on the local growth of veganism.

Mouthwatering Vegan Cuisine

Food is certainly a key factor of a vegan vacation. We know the very best places to enjoy the veganized local cuisine. Do not bother checking ingredients anymore.

Unique Accommodation

In order to provide unique travel experiences, we make arrangements with a careful selection of hotels, all of them with character, very well located and comfortable.

Vegan Personal Care Products

In every hotel room you will find only high-end, 100% vegan and organic personal care products, such as shampoo, shower gel, and hand soap.

Carefully Selected Shelters

We work only with ethical animal shelters, and rehabilitation centers. We never include any type of excursion that involves animal use.

Vegan recommendations

For each destination we visit, we will provide you with helpful information, such activities for your free time, recommended vegan restaurants, shops, and other points of interest.

Your vegan travel adventure awaits

Take part in a once in a lifetime journey while supporting what you love.

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